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COVID-19 Update March 28, 2020 


Welcome to Crosspoint  Church

All  of us are living a story. The gospel is God's invitation to live the largest story ever, the rescue of humanity through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mission is how our story finds its meaning in God's invitation to follow him and participate in the healing of our broken world.

Jesus is a Big Deal

Because Jesus triumphed over Satan, sin, and death our freedom and lives were purchased with His life.  He is kind of a big deal!  As the body of Christ, all of our connections find their meaning in Jesus and His love for us.

Sunday is for Everyone

As the scriptures are shared throughout the gathering we strive to be practical and applicable to all of life.  Training and discipling our kids is a priority for CrossPoint.  They are the next generation of world changers.  CrossTrainers offers nursery and children’s classes through 5th grade.  We make the most of our time with the kids through lively worship, interactive teaching, and small group time. We therefore ask parents to check their kids into their classes before the service starts at 9:30.  
Most participants are dressed casual because Jesus welcomes us as we are.

Sunday is Important, but Not Enough

It is important to gather weekly for relationships, worship, and teaching.  But as God’s family, it’s not enough.  We welcome everyone to participate in our Life Groups that meet in homes around the region for deeper connections.  For people new to CrossPoint we have a Newcomers Group that meets on Sunday evenings at the pastor’s home.  Newcomers Groups start fresh every 3 months.

What's a Sunday Like?

Members of CrossPoint gather each week to celebrate the freedom we have found in Jesus with the family He has made available through His life, death, and resurrection.  The environment is family friendly and inviting for people investigating Jesus. We celebrate through song, hearing and responding to God’s Word, giving, and communion. CrossPoint has a diverse contingent of young adults, families with kids of all ages, as well as more “seasoned folks.”

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