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David Hamstra

Lead Pastor

David has lived most of his life in NW Indiana besides his time in Teen Mania, where he met his wife Beth, and attended Bible College in Wales. He and Beth met in 1999, and after years of friendship and then the pursuit, were married in 2006. They have 4 children: Calvin, Sophia, Amira, and Bella. David serves as the Lead Elder as well as the Lead Pastor at Crosspoint. He has been with Crosspoint since 2009 when he was hired on as the Associate Pastor, and became Lead Pastor in 2012. David enjoys time with his family, good pizza, and loves to spend his time on adventure in the mountains. 

Chase Jackson

Associate Pastor

Chase grew up in St. Joseph, Michigan and met his wife Chelsea on the mission field where they served for 10 years, 4 of those in Taiwan. Chase and Chelsea along with their 4 children, Blythe, Silas, Reed, and Pierce have lived in NW Indiana for 3 years, and have been with Crosspoint Church for 2 years where Chase serves as the Associate Pastor and Youth Leader. Chase loves to spend his time with family and friends, bowhunting, fishing, woodworking, and following his beloved Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Michigan Wolverines. 

Kristie Smith

Children's Ministry Director

Kristie has lived her whole life in Indiana, the majority of it here in the NW region. Kristie and her husband Brian have been with Crosspoint since 2010. Brian is one of the elders at Crosspoint, and Kristie has served the Children's Ministry throughout the entirety of her time at Crosspoint. She officially became the director in 2013, and she serves the church in many facets besides the children's ministry, so much that it would be hard to put all in this description. In her free time, she loves being with Brian and their 4 children, Payton, Sidney, Landon, and Hudson, cheering them on from the bleachers in her team gear for all the sports they are in, watching them grow in their gifts and interests, along with simple days at home, shopping, spa days, working out, and of course, vacations. 

Lorri Neeley

Administrative Assistant

Lorri has lived in NW Indiana her entire life and has been married to her high-school sweetheart Don, for 32 years. Don and Lorri have been with Crosspoint since 2009, and she has been the Pastor's Assistant/Administrative Assistant since 2012. Don and Lorri have 3 adult children, Jamie, Jessica, Jonathan, and a new beautiful granddaughter, Emilia. She loves spending time with her family, vacations, the sun, swimming, playing games, coffee, laughing, bike riding, vegging out watching a good movie, and has a passion to study the Bible.  Lorri also loves serving the people of Crosspoint and one of the main ways is by leading the Women's Ministry. 

Erin Mast

Children's Ministry Elementary Assistant

Erin has lived most of her life in NW Indiana, except for the year she spent falling in love with her husband Chad on the World Race, and the first 2 years of their marriage in Colorado Springs. Chad and Erin have been with Crosspoint Church since 2009. They serve the church in many ways,  including: Children's Ministry since their arrival 10 years ago,  Small Group leaders, the hosts for many of Crosspoint's get togethers, and the list goes on. Erin has been the Elementary Assistant since April of 2019. Erin spends the majority of her time being a super fan of her husband and 4 children, Joshua, Andrew, Eliana, and Ethan, and she is a lover of a clean house, solo trips to Target, yoga, massages, pedicures, shopping, and silence. 

Connie McNinch

Children's Ministry Preschool Assistant

Connie and her husband Ken lived most of their life in Sterling, Illinois, also residing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the last 3 years here in NW Indiana. Ken and Connie have been with Crosspoint Church officially since 2016, but made many trips back and forth to visit her daughter, Beth Hamstra (David's wife) throughout the years. They serve the church in many ways including: children's ministry, Small Group Leaders, ushering, and providing guidance to many in the church. Connie has served as the Preschool Assistant since April of 2019. Connie enjoys her time and laughter with family that includes another daughter and 6 grandchildren, time with friends, date nights with Ken, puzzles, traveling, and "me time." 


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Ted Rohn
Brian Smith

Church Family

As a leadership, we believe in the importance of plurality and accountability at CrossPoint Church.  CrossPoint belongs to a family of churches called LifeLink that consists of 10 churches across the Midwest and several churches across the pond in England.  We also have long term partnership with brothers and sisters that we work alongside across South America, East Africa, Asia, and Europe. We have 3 other churches in the Chicagoland area that make up LifeLink Chicago: