By God's grace, we are seeing disciples made and working side by side with our brothers and sisters around the world.  Your giving is a vital part of this great mission. We depend on faithful & generous gifts from our CrossPoint family and friends.

Will you consider partnering with us? 





 2) Once you are at the website you can choose:

- How much to give

- What fund you want your donation to go towards

- If it is a one-time donation or reoccurring

3) Enter your email address.

4) Choose your Payment Method.


The first time you donate online you will need to set up your payment method.  After that time, you can use your email address to "Login" and you will see any previously saved payment methods.  Also, if your bank is not listed in the drop down (example Providence Bank), you will need to link your bank account (you will receive an email with instructions from planning center on how to do this).




1) Open a new text message

2) In the "To:" field type "84321"

3) In the message field simply type the amount you would like to give and send the text message

4) Follow up the link to set up your phone number for text-to-give (Message & Data Rates may apply)


Please keep in mind that CrossPoint is charged 2.3% (plus $0.30) for any Credit or Debit card donation. Therefore, a bank transfer is preferred but not required. (Side Note - Some people who still want to donate with a Credit/Debit card are increasing their giving by 2.3% in order to make up for the the charge...which is a nice gesture)


If you are having trouble setting this up or have any questions on this process please contact Tommy Edwards at