Homeschooling in a Crisis Part 2

You might be a few weeks into homeschooling now. Maybe you are finding your original goals unattainable and are discouraged and just tired. Maybe you've gotten into a good rhythm and are in a good place. Either way, I hope you find these words encouraging.

Relational Ideas

  1. Enjoy art, cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, playing, games, music, singing and writing letters together for just a few ideasInvite them in to be a part of what you are doing. This will go a long way in encouraging them while also teaching them important life skills.

  2. Kids need plenty of outside time and exercise. Allow them time every day, weather permitting, to play outside. When that’s not possible, lead them in a workout, or just put on praise music and dance.

  3. Let them learn through creative play. Allow them time to come up with ideas of their own. God has created your child with a very creative brain.

  4. If you have multiple children, allow the older ones to help teach the younger onesThis takes some of the burden off you while at the same time reinforcing the knowledge of the older child.

  5. Check in with other moms for encouragement. I get so many good ideas from other seasoned homeschoolers.

My hope and prayer is that the Lord will bring light, joy and restoration into our homes in a new and fresh way amidst all of the fear, chaos and confusion that is happening in the world all around us.

My sincere love to each one of you. -  Heather

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Watch for Part 3 coming soon with Spiritual tips.
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